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"Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health [physically], even as thy soul prospereth [spiritually]" - 3rd John 1:2 (New Testament).

 This verse sums up what my blog is about. My desire is to see as many people as healthy physically and spiritually/mentally as possible. Many people are not physically healthy because they've been deceived or are willfully neglectful as to how to eat to properly nourish their bodies. People are also not spiritually healthy because they are also are either willfully neglectful or have been deceived as to how to enjoy proper spiritual health. I hope that my writings will help reverse this problem. My posts will be displayed in the order they were published, with the newest one in front. You may not always agree with the content of my blogs, but it wouldn't be a good blog if I didn't challenge you to think about what constitutes complete health.

 To your health! Jay R

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Jay is a resident of Massachusetts, gospel minister, certified health minister/coach and has been a health writer, researcher and lecturer for years. He has taught one day health seminars and Hallelujah Acre's nine week health course called Get Healthy Stay Balanced. Jay has also been a contributing writer for Naturalnews.com, a health website which gets around seven million views per month. Jay continues to educate all interested parties about empowering our self-healing bodies and experiencing optimal health we were created for as outlined in 3rd John 1:2 in the New Testament. 

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