Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Do you have COMPLETE health?

You may be eating healthy, and may not currently have any type of physical problems. But do you have complete health? Are you healthy physically and spiritually? You may think you are but are you sure? To have complete health is to have a healthy body, soul and spirit. If you are healthy physically but are not spiritually/mentally healthy you do not have complete health.

And if you are healthy spiritually but not physically you do not have complete health, the only kind you were created for. The goal of my blogs is to provide you (the reader) with truth and with practical ways to implement that truth in your life.


The blogs I seek to write in the future will offer you truth for your spirit, soul and body, personal testimonies from those who have recovered from challenging illnesses, relevant health products, and featured recipes. All this and more will come your way which will encourage and equip you to get on and stay on the path to complete health.
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To your health!

3rd John 1:2

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