Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Soul Snack Vol. 5

Soul Snack 
Vol. 5
by Jay Ricci

Did you know that a pigeon walks funny because its eyes cannot focus as it moves so it has to bring its head to a complete stop between steps in order to refocus? At times we can get caught up in the "go-go" of life and even ministry but like the pigeon, it is hard to see while we're on the move. It is important that we "look good" (from the outside, but it is perhaps even more important that we also "see well" (from the inside) and that only comes from making sure your "inner man" is renewed daily from sufficient personal reflection time with the Lord.

Soul Snack is my blog's version of  the daily version Christ Note Today. If you are interested in subscribing to the daily version and receiving spiritual encouragement from other writers, sign up for free here: 

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